Solamanders NFT

Solamanders NFT


We are inspired by DeFi technology and the concept of trustless transactions.


Moving the random assignment process to an on-chain smart contract so you can verify your Solamander was assigned randomly


Our vision is for anyone to be able to distribute NFT's randomly using a trustless on-chain contract

Road Map

Solamanders is not your average NFT drop.

Rarity Distribution

Generator Whitepaper


You have questions, we have answers.


The best way to get in touch with us is twitter and discord!

Road Map LifeCycle


During this time, 10 pre-launch giveaways will be announced. We will adopt from the Solamander nest, pick random participants from the discord and reward our lucky winners on the official launch day. Anyone of you Solamander’s stand a chance to win!


The release of 10,000 algorithmically generated Solamander’s Onto the Solana blockchain. After minting and receiving your solamander you may proceed to release him into the wild (trade them on a marketplace) or give him a home (Keep in your wallet).


Hold onto your Solamander’s tight! Anyone who has Solamander’s in their wallet at the time of the airdrop will be eligible for exotic and unique items. The more Solamander’s you hold the better chance you have!


During this cycle we will be allowing owners to name their Solamander. That name will stick with the solamander throughout its lifespan. At the point of naming your solamander, a new feature will be come available on the website called “Mating”.


Upon reaching this lifecycle, solamander’s receive an update as new features will go live including the start of “Terrarium Tanks” and the activation of the voting system.


During this final Period of the lifecycle, we will be introducing the main new Feature “shedding” That will create an interactive experience like never before.


Q: What are Solamander NFTs?

Solamanders are 10,000 algorithmically generated unique and collectible Solamanders stored on the Solana blockchain!

We have big plans for unique interactions between Solamanders and other NFTs.

Q: When is launch??!!

September 3rd, 2021.

Q: What Solana wallets can I use?

You will be able to use two of Solana’s main wallets Phantom and Sollet.

Q: How can distribution be verifiably random?

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the Solamanders. We will be releasing the source code for this smart contract 1 hour before the launch. This means that anyone can decompile the bytecode on the chain and verify that it was built from the source code we release. With the advent of Candy Machine, things may change and we may use CM directly!

Q: How much does it cost to mint a Solamander?

Each Solamander will cost 5 Solana to mint.

Q: How were the Solamanders generated?

All Solamanders have been algorithmically generated using base layers created by our resident artist @Soljack. There are over 100 attributes across 8 categories: These categories include background, body color, eye color, eyewear, headwear, mouth, spot color and more! With these attributes, it gives millions of unique Solamanders combinations but with only 10,000 being minted, some are more unique and rare than others.

Q: Will there be royalties?

5% royalties will be applied to all resales.